Now Hiring

Work at Knight Inlet Lodge!

Interested in employment at Knight Inlet Lodge? Our remote, world class resort located on the coast of British Columbia is now hiring for the upcoming 2022 season. We have job opportunities in a number of departments including Guide Naturalists, Chefs, Admin and Support Workers plus Lodge Maintenance. Be part of a dedicated team providing outstanding grizzly bear viewing and  wilderness experiences to an international clientele.


To apply or find out more details about a specific job opportunity and it’s requirements, please email us at

You will be in a unique resort setting where staff work, live, and socialize together in a remote communal environment.  It takes a certain type of individual and strength of character to be happy here.  The lodge operations are seasonal employment and by nature it can be very intense. It is an amazing experience … but it is not for everyone, so consider carefully before applying!

  • free room and board at the lodge during your shift.
  • 14 days in and 7 days out work schedule.
  • season runs from mid May until mid October.
  • travel to and from the lodge is by floatplane from Campbell River. The cost of the flights is paid by the lodge.