Travel Trade

After more than 25 years of running premier grizzly bear viewing excursions in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, Knight Inlet Lodge has established an outstanding reputation within the international and domestic travel trade industry in Canada for delivering excellent experiences through our reliable and safe wildlife tourism packages. We work with most major Canadian and international travel companies, and always welcome new relationships.

The reservation staff at Knight Inlet Lodge provide fast, accurate confirmations to direct booking requests: our goal is to send same day responses to queries from Monday to Friday. We are happy to help with information, suggestions, and logistics whenever we can. Knight Inlet Lodge works closely with all the major Canadian Receptive Tour Companies if you prefer to book that way.

Knight Inlet Lodge has been featured in print publications such as the Daily Telegraph, National Geographic, New York Times, and the National Post plus television shows such as Animal Planet, NBC Today Show, and BBC Wildlife. Our excellent and widely-known reputation will help sell your packages.

We also have an extensive photograph bank that the travel trade can access for print and web promotion, and a high-quality promotional video, plus unique footage of grizzly bear activity captured on remote cameras to provide a taste of excitement to prospective visitors about what they can expect to experience.

Please email us at if you would like to know more about working with us. Our Location and Lodge web pages are a great resource for learning more about who we are.


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