Welcome to Knight Inlet Grizzly Bear Adventure Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge in British Columbia, Canada. Enjoy one of the premier grizzly bear viewing spots in the world, set amidst the snow-capped peaks of Canada's rugged coastline.

Whale Watching Tours from our remote floating grizzly bear lodge. Knight Inlet Lodge is one of a very few locations in the world where you can combine whale watching and grizzly bears tours while staying at one remote lodge.

From May to mid-October, as part of our wildlife and photography adventure packages, we offer daily marine wildlife watching tours to world renowned Johnstone Strait.

Beginning in mid-July, the focal point of our marine tours is a visit to the boundaries of the Robson Bight Marine Orca Whale Sanctuary to view the Orca's. This area is frequented by 16 different pods of killer whales and rated as one of the world's best spots to observe and photograph these magnificent whales.

Knight Inlet Lodge is one of the very few locations in the world where you can combine grizzly bear and whale watching tours all from one remote lodge.Our whale watching tours are often rewarded by close encounters with these intelligent creatures, as well as with porpoises, playful white-sided dolphins, sea lions, seals, and occasionally, humpback or minke whales. Please note that guests must chose a KILGB 4 package or greater to participate in our marine wildlife / orca whale watching tours.

More Tours to Choose From

In addition to our regular bear and whale watching tours, you can enjoy a wide variety of other trips and tours while staying at the Lodge.

Inlet Tour a Favourite

The highlight for many of our guests is the two hour Inlet tour, a beautiful scenic marine cruise that takes in the natural wonders of Knight Inlet — tremendous waterfalls plummeting out of sheer rock faces, ancient glaciers with trails carving through the mountains, and wild and forlorn rivers teeming with life.

Our staff are well-trained in the local history of the area, keeping you entertained and informed with local lore and legend. You will learn the tale of the cursed Indian maiden, discover 'Spirit Water', view centuries-old native pictographs and visit the mystic Annuhati River.

Enjoy an Estuary Float

Our estuary float trips are a relaxing way to spend a few hours closer to home at the Lodge in the company of an experienced naturalist. There are few experiences in the wild like floating silently down a river and hearing the wing flaps of a bald eagle as it flies above you. The Glendale River and Estuary are home to bald eagles, loons, geese, swans, river otters, and seals, and it is not uncommon to see a black or grizzly bear out on the tidal flats.