Welcome to Knight Inlet Grizzly Bear Adventure Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge in British Columbia, Canada. Enjoy one of the premier grizzly bear viewing spots in the world, set amidst the snow-capped peaks of Canada's rugged coastline.

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BC Grizzly Bears As You Have Never Seen Them Before!

Please enjoy these photos of grizzly bears, orca and humpback whales taken at Knight Inlet Lodge. Opportunities for wildlife photography at our remote floating lodge include grizzlies fishing for salmon in the fall, grizzly bear cubs, marine wildlife and spectacular coastal scenery.

Many of these excellent photos are courtesy of Jamie Scarrow Photography and Shea Wyatt Photography. We would also like to thank the many guests that over the years have kindly shared their photos with us.

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Knight Inlet Lodge is located in Glendale Cove, British Columbia, Canada.

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