Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge, Glendale Cove, BC, Canada


13 November 2013

Kiokh the "White" Grizzly

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Since she first appeared in 2009 with her mom and 2 siblings our "white" grizzly has captured the imagination of both guests and the staff at Knight Inlet Lodge.

Kiokh, she is named after a local mountain that is usually covered in snow, was featured on the NBC Today show during the 2010 Winter Olympics making her a very well known bear from an early age. A reluctant celebrity, she keeps her distance from both humans and other grizzlies, Kiokh is usually seen in the Glendale cove area from early August through the fall.

09 November 2013

My favourite video from 2013

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We are fortunate at Knight Inlet Lodge to have a wonderful setting and subjects for photographs and videos. Every year we receive photos from guests, staff or researchers that make you smile or in some cases laugh. That was the case with this video that Researcher John Kitchin shared with us earlier this year. John was at the lodge again in 2013 working on his DNA research of our grizzly population. part of his work involves multiple cameras located on know bear trails.

25 September 2013

Grizzly Bear silver coin from the Royal Canadian Mint

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The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled a new silver coin featuring a grizzly bear on the front. This spectacular coin has a face value of $100.00 and for now is available for purchase at face value. For more information on how to order one of these special coins please see below.

grizzly coin




07 September 2013

Knight Inlet Lodge Youtube page

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Did you know Knight Inlet Lodge has a YouTube page? It has a number of great video clips both from guests and from the remote cameras we have in place in Glendale plus our latest promotional video.

16 August 2013

Lenore and her cubs

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Lenore has weaned her cubs at 18 months which is a  year earlier than normal. While people may be upset with Lenore this is not unheard of and does not mean she is a bad mother. As John Kitchin explains below we all need to be careful about putting human values on what is simply part of nature at work.

lenore being pursued

31 January 2013

Knight Inlet Lodge wins 2013 Travelers Choice Award

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Knight Inlet Lodge is pleased to announce that it has once again received a Travelers Choice Award from TripAdvisor. This prestigious award is based on the reviews from our guests during the 2012 season so a big thank you not only goes out to the guests that took the time to review our lodge but to the many dedicated staff that made it possible.


17 January 2013

Our new lodge

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Dean & Kathy Wyatt are very happy to announce the purchase of a replacement floating lodge that will be ready to go for the start of our 2013 season on May 24, 2013.


The new lodge will have 16 guests rooms, all with private washroom and showers, plus the ability to expand slightly in the future. Knight Inlet Lodge #2 is 5 years old and in excellent shape. We will be performing minor renovations to the lodge at our home base in Campbell River on Vancouver Island prior to towing the lodge to Glendale Cove in April for final anchoring and hookup.

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