Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge, Glendale Cove, BC, Canada


11 September 2009


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Knight Inlet Lodge is pleased to have a grizzly sow with 3 cubs show up today. One of the youngsters is almost white in colour. The appearance of this family is a very welcome sight for both the guests and staff of the lodge. Knight Inlet Lodge asks that you take a minute to look at our “stop the hunt” initiative.

10 September 2009


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bearctch22The last few days have seen the end of our hot and dry summer. With the return of the rain the Glendale River has seen its water levels rise to where the pink salmon that have been waiting in Glendale Cove are now working their way up the river.

03 September 2009

Outstanding Pink Salmon return in Glendale Cove this fall

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The grizzly bears of Knight Inlet have an abundance of pink salmon to feed on this fall. With a preliminary count of 300,000 and counting we are having the best salmon return in a few years. Glendale Cove is alive with salmon waiting for the river level to rise so that they can journey up to the spawning grounds. Incredibly despite the low water level there are thousands of fish already in the system right up to Glendale Lake. With rain forecast for the next few days it promises to be a very interesting time at the lodge.

03 June 2009

Whales in Glendale Cove

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The spring of 2009 has seen Orca Whales appear twice in Glendale Cove where our lodge is located. While this is unusual it is not unheard of compared to the Humpback Whale that stopped by for a visit at the end of May. For a few early season guests that were fortunate enough to be out on a marine tour this was truly their lucky day! We do not expect these sightings to continue right at our back door but we are looking forward to an excellent season of whale watching in 2009. Of course if the whales do continue to show up in Glendale Cove we won't complain!

02 June 2009

Knight Inlet Lodge

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Welcome to our blog! Please feel free to post a comment or photo for those fortunate enough to have been in at the lodge. Keep an eye on the blog as we will be adding staff pages, stop the hunt pages and whatever else comes to mind. We look forward to your suggestions and comments, but please remember this is a fun site so keep it clean. Knight Inlet Lodge reserves the right to edit or remove offensive content.

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