Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge, Glendale Cove, BC, Canada

Voice of the Great Spirit

Voice of the Great Spirit

12 October  

Voice of the Great Spirit

Voice of the Great Spirit - David Campbell and Margaret Healion – Pine Forest Press.

This book is more than a wildlife story, it is a thoughtfully constructed celebration of the grizzly bear; a skilfully realised journey around one of the last surviving tracts of temperate rainforest on earth. A creative, poetic observation of life in Knight Inlet that is brim with rich and involving images of animal behaviour; wild landscapes and time spent in this corner of our fragile planet.

Travelling between spring and summer over an eight year period, the Irish photographer Dave Campbell has captured images that share something of this threatened landscape with you. He champions Knight Inlet as one of the few safe havens of the raincoast grizzly by simply documenting the world in which these magnificent animals live.

From the first page, you travel the skies over the inlet through to landing at Glendale Cove, moving gradually into the forest for a glimpse of the bear, until you stand face to face with him on his own terms. A narrative carries us along with the landscape, plant life and other animals living in this part of the Canadian wilderness.

Here one may encounter the grizzly as he truly is, as a much loved creature who stirs something in us. As the gentle playful bear; the fisher bear, the family bear – not as the aggressive bear of the imagination – but as the clear voice of the great spirit."

Douglas H. Chadwick - biologist, conservator and author on Voice of the Great Spirit.

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