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Knight Inlet Lodge supports Faltering Light's petition

Knight Inlet Lodge supports Faltering Light's petition

03 March  

The Faltering Light Project

Thank you for supporting the Stop the Trophy Hunt petition and the Faltering Light visual petition book project. Please help us reach 15,000 signatures by April 1st by forwarding this email to your friends. To date, over 11000 individuals have signed the petition. In 2010, I personally delivered the first edition of the book to the Minister of the Environment, Barry Penner, in Victoria.  Two years later no effort has been undertaken by the new premier to protect bears.  Consequently a second edition has been drafted, more essays, more pictures and a lot more signatures thanks to all your efforts. The book will be presented as a respectful request for the termination of the trophy hunt to Premier Christy Clark as soon as possible.  Hopefully before the hunt opens in April 2012.

Despite a broad campaign from many environmental organizations here in British Columbia, the trophy hunt is still allowed to proceed. As a consequence, I would very much appreciate your help to forward the petition link to as many people as you possibly can. My intention is to release a second edition of the book on April 1st 2012 with a substantial increase in the number of signatures compared to the first book.    In the meantime, please help spread awareness of this issue and the petition website. I also hope you can take the time to browse the draft second edition of the book on-line and take pride in your contribution to help save these magnificent bears.

I would also like to thank all the contributing writers, Ian McAllister, Kevin J. Smith, Wayne McCrory, Simon Jackson, Jane Goodall PhD DBE, Arthur W. Sterritt, Cristina G. Mittermeier, Charlie Russell, Matthias Breiter. Claire Hume, Faisal Moola, Chris Darimont and Paul Paquet for their wonderful eloquent essays.

Your support for this project is deeply appreciated.
Andrew S. Wright

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