Welcome to Knight Inlet Grizzly Bear Adventure Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge in British Columbia, Canada. Enjoy one of the premier grizzly bear viewing spots in the world, set amidst the snow-capped peaks of Canada's rugged coastline.

Grizzly Bear adventures at Knight Inlet Lodge, British Columbia. Canada's premier grizzly bear viewing lodge

Spring & Summer grizzly Bear watching adventures at Knight Inlet Lodge

Starting in April, both black and grizzly bears begin emerging from hibernation and head to the cove and the estuary to feed on the succulent new spring growth. Even in mid-summer, when many of the grizzly bears have moved into the surrounding timber clearings to feast on berries, we see several grizzly and black bears each day as they move in and around the estuary and along the logging roads.

Fall Grizzly Bears fishing for salmon adventures at Knight Inlet Lodge

Our fall grizzly bears fishing for salmon season begins in late August, as hundreds of thousands of pink salmon begin surging their way up the Inlet into the Glendale River, attracting dozens of grizzly bears who converge on the spawning channels to fish for salmon to fatten their already burgeoning bodies in preparation for the coming winter. The spectacle of a grizzly bear fishing for salmon is as incredible as it sounds and has to be experienced in person to really appreciate it. Knight Inlet Lodge is Canada's premier grizzly bear viewing resort. Experience the British Columbia wilderness from the comfort of our lodge.